November 24, 2016

Online Gaming Content

Our writers come from many different backgrounds, so we can produce expertly written content on any topic. However we do have a number of stand-out areas, which we would say are our specialties, where our experience stretches over decades. One of these areas is online gaming content writing.

Online Gaming Content – Casino, Bingo, Poker and Sports

We have vast experience of writing and editing content for operators and affiliates across the online gaming industry and online betting industry, including casino, bingo, poker and sports betting.

We know casinos inside-out and can provide expert content to deliver whatever you need. We have written every kind of B2C and B2B content imaginable for the online gaming industry, from player emails and CRM copy to branded web pages, blogs, promotions and games reviews.

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Content for Gaming Operators and Affiliates

Our online gaming content services include everything that a gaming operator or affiliate could need.

Our services include:

Slot game reviews, casino reviews, in-depth gaming guides, help guides, ‘how to’ pages, creative articles, blogs, games descriptions, ‘about us’ pages, newsletters, emails to players, CRM email cycles, affiliate communications, in-game pages, technical copy, press releases, journalistic copy, promotions pages, marketing campaigns, direct response copy, SEO copy, taglines and headlines.

If you need another type of online gaming content that is not listed here, just get in touch as it is likely we can deliver that too.

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Branded Content and Tone of Voice

We are skilled at writing in your brand voice to speak to your target customer. Writing for casinos is different from writing for poker sites, which is another world away again from writing for bingo sites. We can do it all.

We know all sides of the online gaming industry, from the cute and chatty friendliness of a fresh bingo site to the streetwise cool of a knowing poker brand. Whatever you need, we can deliver.

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Our Insider Knowledge of the Online Gaming Industry

We are uniquely placed to offer the highest quality online gaming content due to the superior level of experience and skill we have in our team.

Our online gaming copy manager has over a decade of experience in the online casino industry working as a senior copywriter, proofreader, editor, UK localisation specialist and online content manager across casino, bingo, poker and sports betting brands.

Our in-house copy manager is also a former croupier and casino inspector with many years’ experience working in UK land-based casinos.

This level of knowledge means we can ensure 100% authentic language usage and technical accuracy through our in-house quality control checks.

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Our Expertise and Authenticity Guarantee

Casinos have their own jargon. In-depth knowledge of this industry is impossible to fake. Online gaming content written by a novice or a non-expert would stick out like a sore thumb to an experienced gamer or casino professional.

Due to our vast experience and inside knowledge of the casino industry, we are uniquely placed to provide expert online gaming content that sounds 100% authentic and is always technically accurate.

All our online gaming content is quality controlled to ensure absolute authenticity and accuracy. It is checked carefully not only by our in-house proofreading and editing team for perfect grammar and language usage, but also our casino expert for authenticity and naturalness, so you can be certain our online gaming content is spot on every time.

Contact us today about your online gaming content.

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