October 2, 2015

Blog Writing

SEO blog writing services are one of our favourite and most popular requests. We love to say that yes, we provide an expert and custom-designed SEO blog writing service to companies and individual website owners – both on-going and one-off collaborations.

We can create a one-off blog post, guest posts, weekly blogs, or a monthly social media package that is perfect for your company.

Why write a blog?

Blog writing is a great way to attract customers. When you have a relevant, up-to-date blog, this tells your audience that you are an authority on your subject. It also tells them you care about your business enough to keep your website fresh and current.

A blog lets you show off your knowledge. Blog posts also allow comments so blog writing helps you create a relationship with your audience. Last but not least, blogs help you rank better in search results.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Keeping your site up-to-date with fresh, relevant content keeping you ranking well in search and it also keeps your customers coming back to check out your blog.

SEO blog writing service - fresh content

Is your content this fresh?

SEO blog writing service: what’s the catch?

Search engines love websites filled with exciting, relevant content. Readers love it too.

The catch is – someone’s got to write it.

For most people, creating informative and engaging blog content is time consuming and difficult. That’s where we come in. We create specialised SEO blog posts, optimised for keywords that are relevant to your website.

Our comprehensive SEO blog writing service means we can provide one-off blog posts or regular posts to keep your website current.

SEO-friendly blogs

The problem with SEO-friendly blogs is that it can sometimes look spammy. Sentences crammed with keywords looks unnatural, reads horribly and can even get you penalised by Google.

Our SEO content is always reads naturally. We insert keywords in the right places the right number of times, without changing the structure or feel of your content.

Contact us now and we can provide you with a customised SEO blog writing service that suits your needs.