6 Christmas Content Tips

Christmas content ensure your website content remains active and focused throughout the festive season. But how can you fight through the festivities and create engaging content that gets people’s attention? Read on for our 6 tips for creative Christmas content that hits the mark.

Paying attention to your content over Christmas can help to pull in new customers who might otherwise be too busy with the festivities. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when considering keeping your content fresh and engaging over the festive season.

Christmas bauble

1. Use Nostalgia

Nostalgia is always popular at Christmas due to the family orientated nature of the festivities. People remember their own childhood and past good times at Christmas so this is a great focus for your content marketing. So try to be emotive and to look back at trends form the 80s and 90s, focusing on how things have changed and the glory of the past. Nostalgic content always gets attention at Christmas.

2. Use Humour

Light-hearted stories go down well at Christmas time, so keep your content humorous and fun. People love to share jokes and funny stories at Christmas as the whole family get together and like to find common trends and ideas to talk about. Use this communicative time to spread a light, cheerful message and get your readers smiling at your Christmas content.

3. Add Human Interest

Along with humour and nostalgia, people want a softer touch at Christmas time, so keep a focus on human interest stories and content related to families and relationships. The human touch will carry you a long way with Christmas content marketing over the holiday season as people want to feel good about life.


3. Stagger your Content

The holiday time lasts a good few weeks, from the build up to Christmas itself through till New Year. This means it is a good idea to stagger your content throughout the weeks to gain maximum exposure. Yuletide can last even longer, with the focus on Christmas content often starting right after Bonfire Night. As each celebration ends, the focus shifts to the next one in line. Stagger your content over the festive period while interest remains high.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

As people’s attention is all over the place at Christmas, it is best to keep your messages short and sweet. Customers are much more likely to remember short bursts of content that are feel-good in nature and highly emotive with a human focus, rather than long, dry pieces with a more sombre vibe. Christmas content should be quick and easy.

5. Wind Up Before New Year

Research suggests people’s interest in Christmas content fades after Boxing Day with a massive drop off by New Year’s Eve. Everyone is focusing on New Year’s celebrations and thinking about the year ahead, so make sure you wrap up your Christmas message before then or risk annoying everyone with festive cheer as they prepare to go back to work!

Christmas present

6. Embrace Diversity

The problem at Christmas or at any holiday time is that there are all kinds of different people are engaging with content, especially online. This means you need to keep it diverse. So keep messages reasonably generic so that they will appeal to a broad spectrum of people, including all ages, genders, classes and interest areas. Christmas engages with everyone – so should your content.

Happy holiday season!

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