September 29, 2015

UK Localisation

Localisation is the process whereby a text is adapted to fit the language and culture of a certain country. This allows the essence of a message to be communicated most effectively to your target audience.

In a marketing context, this creative and culturally sensitive copy editing is often called ‘transcreation’.

A text that is not effectively localised cannot touch your audience with its message and can even alienate the very people you wish to communicate with.

UK spelling, grammar, idioms and cultural references

Our UK localisation services adapt text to the language, culture and style of the UK so that your text appears written by British people and speaks specifically to a British audience.

We use British English spelling, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs and all other linguistic idiosyncrasies. We are also sensitive to cultural issues peculiar to the UK, while taking into account British heritage and humour.

Once your text is properly localised it can communicate clearly, effectively and persuasively with your target audience.

Differences between UK English and US English

There are many differences between British English and American English. These include variations in spelling, grammar and vocabulary, in addition to cultural differences.

Inappropriate spellings could make a writer appear careless or unknowledgeable, whereas inappropriate word usage could cause bemusement or even offence.

We are experts in taking content written for an American audience and turning it into content that speaks naturally to a British audience.

We are also experts in editing text written by non-native English speakers. Although a writer can be fluent in English, there will nearly always be a turn of phrase or a word out-of-place that will sound odd to the native English reader.

Let us localise your non-native English text so that you communicate in the exact same language as your target audience.

Spanish to English translation

In addition to UK localisation services, we also offer the translation of Spanish content into English. Contact us to find out more.