September 26, 2015

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing services are a must-have these days. Good SEO content writing helps the search engines, like Google and Bing, know exactly what your website is about.

The more relevant the search engines think your website is, the higher up they place it in their rankings.

Having an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can be a decisive factor in whether or not customers find you. Fear not. We provide effective SEO content writing services and SEO content editing services for websites and individual web pages to help make that happen.

SEO content writing services: the good, the bad and the ugly

SEO content writing services - good bad ugly

The only problem is that some SEO content writing experts can make your site look spammy. And ugly.

Bad SEO content writing and ugly SEO content writing has pages unnaturally crammed with keywords.

This ‘keyword stuffing’ looks bad, reads terribly and can cause serious problems with the search engines, who don’t like this deliberate attempt to manipulate them.

Don’t worry though. We only provide good SEO content writing services. Good SEO copy uses the right keywords, the right number of times, in the right place. We create natural SEO copy that optimises your online presence while always maintaining the naturalness and readability of the text.

This means our web content is both customer-focused and search engine friendly. Double whammy!

SEO editing for keywords

Carefully placed keywords are what SEO is all about. Clever keyword placement helps your website be seen by visitors searching for your services or products.

If you already have a keyword expert working with you, you can provide us with a list of keywords for us to use. Or we can suggest SEO keywords that will work best for after analysing your content.

Trust our SEO content writing services to boost your online presence and create more readers – and customers.

Contact us today to discuss your SEO content requirements.