September 26, 2015

Web Content Writing

Website content writing really matters. Customers want to see relevant information, explained quickly in a clear and engaging way.

You might only have seconds of a customer’s time before they click and move on. Good copywriting makes every second of your readers’ time count – and gets the sale.

We create high quality, original content across all channels. From snappy headlines and taglines to inspiring product descriptions and information-rich body copy.

Website content writing services

Your website content can’t just rehash the copy from your sales brochure. It needs to be crafted for a web audience. And a web audience has less attention to give than an offline audience.

People don’t like reading long paragraphs of waffle about a product or a company. They want to know what you are selling and why they should buy it.

Our website content writing is carefully crafted to communicate effectively with your target customers. It’s crisp and punchy – exactly what writing for the web is about.

What do you get when you choose our website content writing services? You get clever words. Words that get your readers engaged with your company, service or product – and receptive to your sales message.

Offline to online

Over the years we have seen many examples of bad content from great companies. Many successful land-based companies simply can’t make the transition to selling online.

They experience poor results without ever understanding that the only reason they were unsuccessful online was due to the inappropriate or poor language used on their website.

We will not only craft great content for your audience. We will also advise you on the best way to communicate your message online.

UK  localisation

One of the main problems we see with website content is lack of customer focus in the language used. This is why we offer a full UK localisation service to create copy that speaks to your target market in the UK.

We can also proofread and edit content written by non-native English writers to ensure it reads perfectly for a British audience.